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Technical Director and Producer

I began working as a TD and Producer in late 2015 with these networks on many different projects and shows. As a TD/P I was mainly in charge of the technical side of production, e.g., Lights, Camera, Mics, hit Record, Direct the Show, Stream if needed, then potentially anything else for pre/post-production like Motion Graphics.

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Motion Graphics Artist

Since 2010, I have professionally been creating many different forms of artwork for the web, television, and films. These are the main companies, networks, or shows that I have worked with.

Senior Producer

In 2019, I became Senior Producer at AfterBuzz TV, along with their subsidiary networks, where I mainly worked on the creation of motion graphics, multi-camera switching workstations, and designing production pipelines.

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Executive Producer

In late 2017, my wife and I decided to start our own production from the ground up in our living room during our time in LA. It was a spectacular experience! We produced board game play-through shows with our friends. We always had such fun just playing the games without recording them, so we decided to capture the moments to share with the world.

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