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Hey everyone, my name is Jonathan Moulton and I’m a Producer and Animation Artist. It’s my responsibility to produce live shows that are broadcasted over the interwebs of DOOOOOOM… ahem, the internet (usually YouTube). I also create animations, artwork and video shorts for the shows themselves. For the YouTube shows, I set the cameras, do the mic checks, set the stream up, ready the hosts, check the creative quality of content soon to be discussed, then hit record and switch the show live as it goes out to the whole world! After the show, I give notes, if notes are needed, and give as much love and praise for the great work the hosts always do. 

I absolutely enjoy what I do because I get to help a lot of people grow as individuals and professionals. Not only that, but I am also able to collaborate with some of the best creatives. 


What else, do I get into you say? Which you probably didn’t… I write music and have finished an EP titled Echoed Soul of 3034. The music is weird and all over the place. I'm from Nashville the city of music and have many different influences from Classic Rock to Video Games over the Punk Rock then Hip Hop. The album ESO3034 is a concept album where I was thinking… What would music sound like over a few more generations as humans left Earth to search and settle on a new planet? It has a spacey electronic vibe.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far. Check out some of my artwork and music. Reach out if you want to connect.


Have a wonderful day!

©  2021  Jonathan Quinn Moulton 
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